Luxury Boston Real Estate Trends and Home Building

When it comes to luxury real estate, homebuyers, sellers and builders alike associate astounding curb appeal, top-of-the-line appliances and technology, trendy textures and fine lines and outstanding architectural aspects with property that's considered luxurious. Yet beyond these all of these seemingly essential features, price and property value relative to the robustness of the local market play a large role in determining whether a home is considered expensive. According to U.S. News & World Report, the typical luxury price point in many of the nation's cities and metro areas is at least $1 million. However, in a larger city like Boston, Redfin reported that the average sale price in the luxury market is closer to $4.5 million.

But what is it that makes these extravagant homes so desirable and appealing in a market that has no shortage of expensive properties? Additionally, from a local standpoint, what is it that sets these astounding Boston dwellings apart from luxurious living establishments like a New York City penthouse or a California oceanfront getaway? Here are five of the top trends in luxury Boston real estate and homebuilding:

1. Hidden features

Gone are the days of extravagant features standing out in each room of the home. According to Boston designer Miechi Peng, the phrase "less is more" now defines luxury living.

"I love the less is more mantra," she told Boston Common. "But now more than ever we are seeing it being used in lighting, appliances for kitchen and bath, and even spaces like a powder room that can be completely hidden with incorporated millwork design, which is great for city dwellers who want to maximize space."

Designers and architects alike are taking advantage of fine lines by hiding traditional stand-out features throughout the home to emphasize minimalist living.

2. Versatile functionality

In the kitchen, designing a countertop that is functional for prepping, cooking and serving without the need to move around and use additional counter space is key in luxury real estate. This feature can make any homeowner feel like a professional chef in the comfort of their own home.

3. Walls of windows

Natural lighting is trending, especially when the windows allow for big-picture gazing in the city, suburbia and countryside. Boston home builders are creating window walls to take advantage of the natural beauty and scenery surrounding each home. Adorning the walls with oversized windows - of at least 16-feet tall - turns the neighborhood into natural art work, and makes a dramatic statement in luxurious living.

4. Spacious open floor plans

Navigating sharply delineated corners to get from room to room in a luxury home quite simply isn't an option any more. Instead, spacious open floor living arrangements are making a huge impact in Boston. Not only does it make a breathtaking statement when guests walk through the front door and enter the foyer, but it allows for all notable architectural features to stand out and make an impression.

5. Rustic accent and modern design

Traditional decor and floor plans are no longer trending in Boston luxury living. Rustic accents and modern decor are taking over the industry of luxury real estate and design, according to real estate expert Amy Mizner.

"We're going to see more rustic accents - think lighting fixtures, doors, copper hardware - mixed in with modern designs," she told Boston Common.

Mizner also sees floor-to-ceiling glass doors making a statement, quite like the large picturesque wall of windows.

"Another trend we're predicting, which is unusual for Boston, is floor to ceiling sliding glass doors off family rooms that open up to stunning patios," she said. "Think California style. This layout is perfect for homeowners who like to entertain, especially in the spring and summer months to really take advantage of outdoor space."

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