Picking Creative Materials to Transform a Space


While there’s nothing wrong with taking a classic approach to selecting materials and finishes for your new home or renovation project, some homeowners wish to make their in-home experience truly unique.

Take a moment to check out these incredible alternative building products that add wow factor to any design. Think outside the box and add a little pizzazz to your home décor.

Modular Tiles

STUNNING DIMENSIONAL SURFACESThree-D fiberglass reinforced gypsum board by Modular Arts can transform any room into the most sophisticated space on the block.

Choose from a wide variety of 3-dimensional designs in tiles, panels or blocks.


Manufactured with rubber and easy to clean, faux leather can add warmth and texture to kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Available in a selection of colors and tones.

If you’re up for the maintenance, real leather creates the same effect.



Lamitech by Robin Reigi is changing the way you think about wall coverings. With a wide range of metallic, wood and colored styles available for on-demand manufacturing, it’s easy to create a never-before-seen space in your home with this innovative product.



We’ve all seen stainless steel go to work in the kitchen – but pioneering new applications such as chain mail sheets and woven steel are opening up an entire new world of possibilities.

Employ stainless steel to create a stunning contemporary staircase or a modern-industrial bath.




Laminated glass or resin are used to create privacy while playfully adding a burst of color & design.


The endless possibilities of styles, colors and opacity allow your imagination to run wild. Replace slices of wall to move natural lighting effortlessly through the home or commission custom-built one-of-a-kind doors or cabinetry.




Solid slab stone countertops can provide your kitchen with timeless beauty to last a lifetime – but with a growing number of alternatives on the market, it’s worth having a look to see what’s out there.


  • Butcher Block: Adds warmth and a natural glow to your kitchen.
  • Glass: A bathroom standard, consider a thick panel of frosted glass for the bar top or kitchen counters.
  • Concrete: One of the more versatile countertop materials where every single application is 100% unique and incredibly durable.
  • Tile: Not so much an “outside-the-box” material but less popular in the United States than in Latin America. Add a colorful twist to your kitchen design.




Generally reserved for patios & walkways, a well-executed brick or brick & tile floor can liven up a traditional or country-style kitchen.


Along with copper, brick is one of the few materials that looks better with age. Add instant character that only increases its charm over the years.




Recreate the “ski lodge” look by using river pebbles embedded in concrete for a variety of applications throughout the home.


One popular use is for the floor of your shower enclosure but the technique can be used on walls, too.

Evan Holbritter