How to maximize your luxury home investment

When you own a beautiful home, you want to share it with your friends and family right away. Parties, dinners and other events bring everyone over and you and your new palace are the main topic of conversation, for a little while. Time passes, however, and your home, while still magnificent, is no longer dazzling. Purple and gray may have been trendy colors in 2008 but 10 years have passed.

Moving can be a hectic rat race in and around Boston, so why put yourself through the hassle? Luxury homes in Massachusetts are sought after jewels; rather than switch treasure chests, why not polish yours up? Invest and transform your living space back into the attention-getter it once was. Here are some superb tips for luxury home renovations and improvements:

Staying modern and relevant

People were all about downsizing materialism in 2017. The minimalist approach was popular, with the idea that you only wanted the bare essentials in terms of decorations and designs. According to Mansion Global, the exact opposite is true in 2018. Recommendations include repainting in bright colors and eye-catching patterns. If you've got a hardwood floor, buy several rugs to give it that deeper, layered feel.

Art-Deco is also back in style, so if you've been waiting to add bronze-framed windows or a coffered ceiling, now is the time for these luxury home renovations. Exude optimism and hope with bronze or gold marble tile, complimented nicely with bright furnishings.  

Recoating or purchasing furniture with floral patterns will help add to this image of a brighter 2018. London-based designer Birgit Klein of Birgit Klein Interiors told Mansion Global that "an oversized abstract floral is a fresh and modern take on the smaller-scale chintzes that are typically viewed as more traditional and stodgy. When used as curtains or on walls, this bold-scale pattern doesn't shy away from making a statement."

Augmenting your home with smart technology

However, being modern is about more than style in the 21st century. Technology has been moving along at a remarkable pace and your home can take full advantage. Devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home are part of larger smart home technology. Temperature control and security systems are mundane features in comparison with intelligent glass.

Developed by ProDisplay, this toughened switchable smart glass can be translucent or opaque, allowing you to open your home to the outside world and close it off again whenever you want privacy. It can be used in exterior windows as well as indoor showers and bedrooms.

If you're all about screens, then Samsung's newest television, apply dubbed "the wall" should grab your interest. The height of luxury entertainment, this 146" MicroLED television displays images at 8K picture quality for incredible definition. While you may need to renovate your living room to accommodate a personal theater of this size, it is guaranteed to wow any who witness its clarity.

Bringing luxury to the outdoors

Your style doesn't need to end after the walls of your home. Installing an outdoor kitchen adds a sense of adventure to the home and maximizes spring and summer enjoyment. While typical decks have only a grill and some chairs - adding built-in features such as a brick oven, a wine chiller and smoker into your outdoor countertop will make dishes sizzle and guests gush.

Create with power and durability to survive these challenging New England winters. Stone and granite make for fashionable yet sturdy construction materials as noted by HGTV. Your smart home interface can also be programmed to extend and retract coverage, using moisture sensors to immediately know when snow or rain are imminent.

Luxury home renovations can breathe life back into a home and maximize its value. Give your personal castle the overhaul it deserves.

Evan Holbritter