Home Renovations

At Kenwood Builders, we are constantly striving to offer a complete package of luxury home design and construction services. One of our many specialties is luxury home renovation. Taste changes, style evolves and family needs can emerge. The penthouse you purchased in your early 20s may not be immediately suitable for raising a family.

Kenwood Builders is ready to realize any home renovation dream in the greater Boston area. We believe that homes should age like fine wine: The best should only get better as they mature.

General contracting needs

Kenwood Builders has a reputation of experience and quality. When we engage in a project, we bring over 30 years of design and construction expertise and never once have we compromised in our commitment to premier quality.

Kenwood Builders enlists only the top reviewed and most certified contractors to assist our team. This ensures that every project will be handled with expert care and dedicated commitment. As we work with you to fully realize your vision, these contractors will set to work making it a reality.

Whether you need something as simple as a redesigned stone resin bathtub or are looking to breathe new life into a dilapidated church, we have the right professionals to assist in the renovation.

Structural strengthening and expansion

Of course, many larger renovation jobs involve work on a building's structural foundation. For instance, opening up a kitchen and dining room may involve taking out a wall. Our team will begin by either securing the original blueprints or utilizing cutting-edge home mapping technology, instantly knowing what can and can't be safely removed.

After this is done, our designers will work with you to determine if and how the structural supports can work in your envisioned renovation. If even a single pillar within your new space is unacceptable, we have the tools and manpower to reorganize an entire support structure. We don't believe you should have to settle.

Whether it's pouring concrete, excavating soil, framing a foundation or erecting new steel supports, our team understands the full workload involved in extensive renovation projects.

Specialized room renovations

Not every renovation needs to reinvent the house. Part of offering comprehensive luxury home renovation services includes the ability to scale to appropriate project scope. Kenwood Builders maintains the flexible expertise to redesign bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and any other living space. We're always on the lookout for ambitious new projects, whether it's adding a home theater or a personal observatory that rivals the Skywalk.

As part of our services, our team stays abreast of all relevant home renovation trends. This means that, if you're unsure what you want to do with your kitchen - but know it needs something to feel new - we can provide you with several alternative design outlines to usher in a modern, stylish feel.

Of course, should you know exactly what you want, your desire will take precedence and the design knowledge will only be applied as your dream project dictates.

Down to the fine details

A marble sink, smart glass windows, a spa bathroom - sometimes it is the little details that really add that panache you've been searching for. At Kenwood Builders, we use only the most affluent and environmentally friendly materials during our home renovation projects. We believe that true beauty is found in the details. It is what separates an adequate remodel from a work of art.

As you work with Kenwood, please feel free to share any special caveats you feel would exemplify your luxury renovation. No fixture is too small, no furnishing too minute for our team.

If you live in or around the Greater Boston area and want only the best in luxury home renovation, then contact Kenwood Builders today.