Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is here that family meals are cooked and parties hosted. Because of this, kitchens need perpetual remodeling over the years to accommodate growing families and remain a highlight of the house.

Why remodel a kitchen?

Kitchens face challenges that the rest of the house never does. A pipe break in the sink can cause water damage. Your growing use of electronics may have outpaced the few installed outlets. Furniture or appliances may have been improperly installed, resulting in unsightly scuff and scratch marks.

Or you may just be tired of an average cooking space. Granite feels like yesterday for countertops and everyone is talking about quartz. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: No one wows friends with a standard kitchen.

All of these are acceptable reasons for a kitchen remodel. As stated before, kitchens are frequently traveled rooms, spaces that may make or break the luxurious nature of the home.A drab, outdated kitchen can feel uninspiring. Keeping your kitchen up to date, refined and trendy will make a strong impression.

Also, if you are thinking of making a move, then a kitchen remodel can still help you a great deal. Unlike some other spaces within the home, kitchens tend to impact the resale value quite a bit. A well restored kitchen can return up to 70 percent of its investment immediately by increasing the overall home value.

What are long-lasting trends in kitchen design?

Of course, not all remodeling is equal. Given the complex nature of kitchens, professional help should always be at least consulted before undertaking a significant kitchen overhaul. Even for the most DIY homeowner, it's not worth potentially damaging the value and elegance of your home with less than stellar kitchen remodeling.

With this in mind, you want to create a modern kitchen - one that exemplifies technology and class without losing those essential qualities like space, warmness and purity. These means following the best trends, ones that won't be obsolete by the time your remodeling is finished. Certain aspects, such as a refrigerator always being present, can be counted on. Here are a few more examples of opulent remodeling trends:

  • An open layout:Space will always be important in a kitchen. Nobody likes to cook while cramped. Even if that island is cute, removing it may give the area an expanded feeling that helps maximize space effectiveness. In addition, guests are far more likely to be impressed when everyone has ample space.
  • Natural lighting:Depending on location, kitchen ceilings can be opened up to allow in natural light. Sunlight is a calming constant that innately warms the space it touches, allowing your kitchen to seem that much more inviting. The fanciest dinners always look better under starlight.
  • Wooden flooring:Tile is on its way out but hardwood flooring is here to stay. Its chic, easy to maintain and can be easily complimented with beautiful rugs.
  • Polished silver:Silver is a long-lasting metal that doesn't rust and can be cleaned easily. Using it in fixtures like sinks and cabinet handles will give your kitchen an upscale edge.
How can Kenwood Builders help?

Whether you're just replacing cabinets or giving your kitchen an expansive overhaul, Kenwood Builders has the expert staff ready to serve your needs. We'll work with you from consultation to design to construction, 100 percent dedicated to bringing your dream kitchen into reality. For the discerning homeowner, Kenwood Builders is the ideal ally in kitchen remodeling.