Miele Products


Founded in 1899, Miele has a reputation for quality craftsmanship and design that stretches back over a century. A family-owned enterprise throughout its entire existence, Miele aims that its products should set the benchmark in terms of ease of use, energy efficiency, performance and durability.

Miele specializes primarily in kitchen furnishings and appliances. Their product library runs the gamut from massive ranges to minute cleaning products and accessories. When you're seeking to embellish an already premier kitchen with top of the line appliances, Kenwood Builders trusts Miele to leave you satisfied.


In many ways, the kitchen range is the essential centerpiece of the room. A combination of stove and oven, the range bakes, boils and broils food to fit your taste. To fully satisfy this need, Miele provides an assortment of Range products, including the devices themselves, range tops and range hoods.

Every range hood can be customized to exactly fit your range top, capturing every cooking fume that tries to escape. Since Miele prioritizes kitchen design, it also offers a range dishwasher fascia panel that will enable your appliances to aesthetically match.

Ovens and steamers

To accommodate every kind of chef, Miele offers a wide variety of ovens, including convection, speed, steam and microwave models. These products can be standout eye-catchers or backdrop appliances designed to mesh perfectly into the walls of your kitchen space. Whatever look you're aiming for, Miele provides products to match.

Refrigeration and wine conditioning units

Arguably, no kitchen is complete without a refrigerator. Miele offers a full product line of fridges, bottom mounts, freezers and the all important wine unit. Each product is designed to be not just enduring but highly versatile. Place a freezer directly next to your fridge - no problem. Want two refrigerators working in tandem? Easy.


To complete your suite of kitchen appliances you will need a state of the art dishwasher. In this case, efficiency depends on size and need. Miele offers full-size, SlimLine and professional models to accommodate various expected daily workloads. In addition, Miele provides height adjustable models to better suit your countertop design and dish capacity.

Washing machines and dryers

Stepping outside of the kitchen (or not, it's all how you want it), Miele also supplies quality washing machines and dryers. These include regular washing machines, tumble dryers, ironing systems and professional washing, drying and ironing products. Each washer has a perfectly matched drying option and vice versa, allowing you to accomplish two purchases in record time.

As a testament to their overall craftsmanship, Miele products continually win a breadth of awards. These include ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018, the Good Housekeeping Seal, iF design awards and best brands. Miele is dedicated to continuous innovation in its products without compromising its overall appliance standards.

Kenwood Builders believes Miele appliances to be perfectly designed for your luxury kitchen. The combination of flexibility, eco-friendliness and resilience makes them suited for the premier Massachusetts kitchen.