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Kenwood Builders provides an organized project delivery to all clients with opportunity for custom craftsmanship.


At Kenwood Builders, we offer our clients a wide variety of luxury home construction and home design-related services. No matter the project scale, Kenwood Builders stand ready to realize your dream project. Our specialties include:

  • Bathroom Design: While some believe that bathrooms don't matter to a home's overall value, we know that's not true. Our contractors will use only the most tested and highest rated materials in designing your luxury bathroom. We pride our design team on being able to accommodate a wide range of visions, from standard to the artistically unique.
  • Bathroom Remodeling:Any room can be made luxurious. Whether it is redoing a bathtub or a complete bathroom overhaul, Kenwood Builders will provide the design and construction expertise needed to accomplish your luxury bathroom remodeling.
  • Green Building:Green building is a modern practice that incorporates sustainable materials management. Our contractors will work with approved C&D materials, as well as any other certified recycled building component. At Kenwood Builders, we pride ourselves in serving you and the environment at the same time.
  • Historic Building Conservation:Older buildings are beautiful, however many do not meet modern energy and safety standards. Additionally, work that was masterfully done hundreds of years ago may have faded or been damaged by weather or other elements. At Kenwood Builders, our experts can revitalize and modernize historic buildings, without losing the defining qualities that made them dazzling in the first place.
  • Home Additions:Even the most luxurious home can be expanded. Whether you want to build a new kitchen, dining room, living space or bathroom - Kenwood Builders brings the best quality building materials to every project. If you have a dream home expansion and want to bring in the experts then enlist our services today. We will work with you at every step of home addition.
  • Home Remodeling:Maintaining a luxury-class home is difficult, especially in Massachusetts. Our winters are almost as dominating as our sports teams. When home damage occurs, hiring just any contractor won't do. You need quality replacement and expert guidance to help ensure your home remains a bright beacon on Beacon Street. Even if you've just grown tired of your old master bedroom and want to go in a new affluent direction, Kenwood Builders will help you complete your home remodeling in an efficient time frame.
  • Kitchen Design:A kitchen is a complicated room. You must have room for the stove, dishwasher, sink and refrigerator, all while maintaining generous counter space for your cooking needs. In addition, plumbing and electricity needs are paramount. Luckily, Kenwood Builders has you completely covered. We'll design your luxury kitchen the way you want it to be.
  • Kitchen Remodeling:As technology evolves, grow your kitchen to match it. Need a bigger fridge space - we can help. Want to install an additional oven - our experts can do this. Wish to upgrade your countertops - Kenwood Builders will work with your material of choice. Kitchens see a lot of wear and tear but our contractors will make the space feel new and pristine again.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Construction: Nothing says luxury like being able to take full advantage of gorgeous Massachusetts summers. We'll build your outdoor kitchen complete with all the luxuries of its indoor counterpart. As a local company, we understand the hardships of winter and guarantee that your outdoor kitchen will be both extravagant and rugged, designed to take the worst of the New England climate while still being a comfortable and functioning luxury outdoor kitchen.
  • Sustainable Design: Kenwood Builders utilizes sustainable products whenever possible. We believe the best luxury homes leave little in the way of carbon footprint. Our contractors will maximize natural lighting, choose materials with the least pollutants and design your luxury home to work with any energy source you wish.