Andseron, Pella, & Velux Windows


At Kenwood Builders, we believe in only using the highest quality, most environmentally efficient and innovative products to furnish your home. While many people simply look through windows, their quality matters. Room design can be dulled by a boring, blotchy product that leaks cold air and drives out guests.

To ensure our clients never suffer from inferior craftsmanship, Kenwood Builders instructs its contracting teams to only use products from the following window vendors:

Anderson Windows

Anderson Windows primarily come in six varieties including awning, bay and bow, casement, gliding, picture and single and double-hung. However, the company is also flexible, allowing clients to request and design uniquely shaped windows for any project.

Anderson uses a variety of materials such as wood and fiberglass to frame and reinforce its windows. The company also makes use of its Fibrex® composite material, an in-house solution that is twice as strong as regular vinyl and designed to provide hardy exteriors that can take extreme temperatures. In other words: made for our turbulent New England winters.

The Anderson Architectural Collection represents the premier peak of the company's window offerings. Our clients are encouraged to choose from:

  • E-Series: Designed to be big and bold, the E-series works well with wooden and other natural looking exteriors.
  • A-Series: These are products for the authenticity expert. Whether you're trying to replicate townhouse, cape or modern home design, the A-Series can assemble the perfect window set to match.
  • Big Doors: As its name suggests, this product line is all about turning windows into doors. Worth checking out if you're a homeowner looking to add a greater feel of space to your home.
Pella Windows

Like Anderson, Pella designs its windows with quality and versatility as guiding principles. Pella uses glass that has been manufactured for greater sustainability. Its Energy Star® window line is tailored to fit the Boston climate, making them ideal for your home redesign or future construction.

Pella designs its windows for easy modification. The company's in-house snap-in technology allows you to effortlessly change the look of your window after installation. This makes Pella a prime vendor for those homeowners looking to constantly keep pace with the latest in home design fashion. Pella's three most common frame materials include fiberglass, wood and vinyl.

Pella windows can also be equipped with HurricaneShield® to keep your home safe from adverse weather.

VELUX Windows

VELUX Windows are specialized, designed to bring natural light into your home. VELUX offers five primary styles of product including skylights, sun tunnels, roof windows, modular skylights and commercial skylights. The company also creates custom blinds to bring various lighting effects and different ambiance possibilities to your home.

VELUX Windows uses Neat® glass, which is fashioned from silicon dioxide for enhanced smoothness, noise reduction and improved safety. As with any skylight vendor worth its salt in New England, VELUX products come with a hail warranty for Neat® glass, guaranteeing every product that utilizes the material for 10 years.

As a company, VELUX Windows have a reputation for resisting leaks, promoting sophistication and filling your home with beautiful natural light.

At Kenwood Builders, we understand the full value of a window: It is your portal to the world's outside splendor.