Euroshield Shingles

With a mission to recycle the materials from used tires that would ultimately end up in massive piles at landfills, Euroshield® developed a unique formula for synthetic roofing products over 18 years ago. These products are made from approximately 95 percent recycled material, using anywhere from 250 to 1,000 rubber tires in the form of shingles to roof an average-sized home. Even the scrap material collected during installation is recycled, eliminating any chance of environmental waste during each roofing project.

Euroshield® Roofing Products accolades include:

  • All Euroshield® Roofing Products are covered under CCMC-NRC evaluation report No. CCMC 13118-R and ICC-ES ESR-3488 evaluation report.
  • All Euroshield®Roofing Products are UL2218 Class IV listed for hail impact, which is the highest rating.
  • All Euroshield® Roofing Products are ASTM E108 Class C Fire rated.
  • Euroshield® was a 2017 finalist for the Alberta Export Awards. Euroshield® manufactures five different types of eco-friendly roofing shingles that can all withstand the harshest weather conditions, such as hail, heat, wind, rain and snow. Those include:
  • Heritage Slate- Launched in June 2011, Heritage Slate is the first product in the newest Euroshield® line of rubber roofing. The design is similar to that of New England style slate roofing with a nominal thick chiseled edge. It's the perfect choice for those who desire quality-slate roof without the high cost.
  • EuroShake®- For those who want to achieve the classic style of a wooden roof without dealing with the common issues associated with the style such as rotting, cracking, curling, mold and discoloration, EuroShake® makes an excellent choice. It's wavy and rougher surface texture replicates the look of hand-split shake, but it's higher-quality material ensures no future damage that accompanies a wooden roof. EuroShake® is available in three standard colors: Black, Weathered Brown and Grey.
  • Harvest ShakeThis product is a thinner and lighter version of EuroShake®. It is suitable for reroof application as well as new construction at a price point between asphalt shingles and premium roofing products like cedar, slate and metal roofing. Harvest Shake is offered in three different colors: Woodlands Brown, Saxon Black and Silverwood.
  • Beaumont Shake- This product offers the most authentic-looking Shake by Euroshield® to date. It has a 9-inch exposure to weather and 40 panels per square foot so there are less panels to handle, less weight per square for shipping and less nails required for installation. It comes in familiar panel-style form and is available in Woodlands Brown, Saxon Black and Silverwood.
  • Rundle Slate-Formerly known as EuroSlate, this product is designed to mimic the style and beauty of extra thick chiseled edge slate shingles. Rundle Slate weighs the same as 40-year laminated asphalt shingle roofing and poses no risk of cracking during installation.

All Euroshield® Roofing Products are covered by a two-inch hail damage warranty.